Sunday, November 06, 2005

Laguna Beach

Just not the same without Lo

My housemate is watching Laguna Beach, and I just don't see the appeal of the show not that Lo is gone. I mean who can replace her captivating dialogue? Certainly not that guy who looks like Colin Farrell, or the new batch of unlikable girls he pits against one another. The new Hilary Duff theme song doesn't help the show's case any either.

I think for now I'll stick with The O.C. and The Apprentice as far as my weekly TV viewing. The O.C. really isn't good anymore, but I watch it for pure nostalgia. I still remember when the show was quality, the characters likeable, and the storyline compelling. The Apprentice is just a great show, better this year than any.

Panang Chicken

Panang Chicken - an excellent dinner

With this blog due Tuesday and still two posts to go, I'm out of sporting events to comment on. My housemate just flipped on the Food Network, which has inspired me to post about what I'm cooking for dinner. I frequent this small Thai restaurant close to our house, which serves an excellent chicken dish called panang chicken. The other day I went online to find some cooking instructions for it, and found a nice recipe that didn't look too complex. I had to find a Chinese grocer to buy all the ingredients, but it turned out rather well.

The chicken is a bit spicy, doesn't take long to make, and is great with rice. Emeril himself would be proud.

Detroit Lions

Minnesota 27, Detroit 14

If there is one team harder to root for than MSU football, it is the Detroit Lions. Another winnable game against a bad team, another solid defensive performance, and another loss thanks to a total lack of offense. Harrington stinks, and Garcia doesn't look a whole lot better. Sure there have been injuries, and the line isn't great, but most NFL QBs will at least give you a good game once in a while. It says a lot when Lions fans start fondly remembering the days of Scott Mitchell and Wayne Fonts (hey, at least his 8-8 season made the playoffs). This season looks to be essentially over now, so why not give the rookie Orlovsky a shot? I can't see how he would be a whole lot worse than what they have now.

Manchester United

Manchester United 1, Chelsea 0

Arsenal's record is still intact, and Chelsea is left with an unpleasant new streak - 2 straight losses, in a season where some doubted they would ever find defeat. In reality Chelsea seemed the better squad, completely dominating the second half and creating more chances. Still, it was a brilliant header by this man:

which meant the difference today. I still don't think anyone is going to threaten Chelsea, who remain 6 points ahead of everyone, but this win might give Manchester some confidence and help them move back up the table.

Michigan State Football

Purdue 28, Michigan State 21

Every MSU fan knows the cycle - promising start, followed by close call against the traditional powers, followed by mystifying drop into obscurity after late-season collapse. The loss to a terribly Purdue team wasn't surprising to most long-term fans, but that doesn't make it any less difficult to take. With games against Minnesota and Penn State still remaining, a bowl-game remains much in doubt. For a team that started 4-0 and ranked in the top-15, this has to rank among the worst collapses.

I certainly don't think John L. Smith should lose his job - Most fans would have accepted a 6-5 season with a completely rebuilt defense and no running backs at the start of the year. Still, the team didn't look motivated and the offense has progressed from one of the nations best to simply average. At least I'll probably be able to attend the Motor City Bowl - MSUs likely destination should they get by Minnesota. I wonder if they can still score against the MAC.

West Ham United

West Ham United 1, West Brom 0

It is rare that a promoted team finds themselves in a game they are expected to win, but that was the situation at Upton Park Saturday morning. After a surprisingly strong start, West Ham, picked last in the league by many, needed a home win against lowly West Brom to keep the momentum going. With their top two goalkeepers injured and a knack for missing out on opportunities close to goal, the 1-0 result was a welcome relief for the home fans. 39-year old Teddy Sheringham scored the winner, and the defense rallied to hold on and move West Ham up to ninth position in the table, just two places off a champions league spot. It has been an amazing start for a squad picked by almost everyone to be relegated and by many to finish dead last.

The game was delayed in the US, and the first half was never shown, so I was only able to witness the second-half. Tomorrow is Manchester United vs. Chelsea, which will likely be shown live in its entirety. As for West Ham, I'll have to wait until after the international break for their next game in late November.


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